Been awhile


Is been awhile since I last blog anything here.
A final update about my peony jewellery project, I have named it hybrid and created a great collection. you can see some photos here:!Hybrid-Jewellery/zoom/czvy/image17rc

And since, The topic about kismet, fate and destiny always pops back to my mind. I jumped into network marketing to understand more about expanding possibility of my destiny and kismet with people. what it means by meant to be and not meant to be. and can it be controlled with my effort or it is all casted in stones and human life are merely following a the script written by god.

Definitely there are more to life, but i guess it is filled with choices and in each end whether good or bad is based on how we view if it is good or bad. expanding network vs having more possibility with different destiny, i don’t rule that out. however it might also be god’s intent for my decision to do that way so i can cross path with a particular somebody and hence change somebody life.

It is always about with your life being changed by someone or u changed some other person life. while we influence each other. the world is pretty small and we are all connected in a larger network. but the strange thing is you will always get what you want if u think hard enough. opportunity will be presented to you so you can exe it and achieve what u intend to achieve. The Law of attraction always work.
i will update more when i have more enlightenment .


Wire exploration

19feb presentation

It never seems to end does it? Recently i been planning my to do list. and my schedule. It really takes alot of time to finish one agenda. Haiz.. trying to strike off one item from the list is so technically demanding LOL>.

anyway i just finished my 4th set of jewelry. not really to what i expected. especially i think i bought the wrong paper and turn out the printing is kinda pale. I hope she will like it. And there might have too many folds which makes the patterns looks faded off.

ok i have decided on Emer paeonia which highlighed on woman’s virtures

and i have Paeon which highlighted on the healing and the additive of responsibilities and the improvement of personal capabilities.

I am thinking to add one more choice which i wanted to highlight on the physical idea of what this company is trying to do.something to do with lifestyle ? or the trademark? the folds? I am not too sure.


logo design for the 2 branding ideas. try another look and feel (T)

sublogo/ icon design for the subbrands (T)

a few direct mailer design

packaging design

a few furniture and utensil design

try to do patterns, add the patterns into the branding design.

Choose a serise of brand color.

work on more jewelry with the patterns.

peony some more


Scientific name: Paeonia officinalis

Medicinal value
Peony root treats menstrual cramps and irregularities, gout, asthma and emotional nervous conditions.

Religious importance
It is believed that dried Peony roots are carved or made into bracelets and necklaces for protection as well as for breaking spells and curses. A chain of beads cut from the dried root was worn as a protection against illness and injury, and to cure insanity.

Peonies are a perennial shrub-like plant, growing 2 – 4 feet high that prefer rich, humus, well-drained soils and full sun.

brand and name


I am troubled with words/ meaning. Names or adjectives. haha

i am thinking of using the name emer.

Emer – Irish and Gaelic origin. Anglicised form of traditional names Eimer or Émer. In Irish legend, Emer was a woman blessed with six gifts or virtues: beauty, voice, speech, needlework, wisdom and chastity.

Paeonia Emer  – sounds good? haha

Thalia – It is of Greek origin, and its meaning is “flourishing”.

Aglaia -goddess name meaning beauty

Euphosyne – goddess name meaning charm,